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If you know me, you probably know that I love to travel. I love anything that comes remotely close to traveling. I get excited when I get to go anywhere that’s not in my daily routine, whether that’s 40 minutes to Murfreesboro or even 20 minutes to Nashville. I love it. So, you can bet that when plans are made where I get to leave the state, or even the region, I get super pumped. It normally doesn’t even have to be somewhere cool, as long as it’s somewhere I’ve never been. This time, I landed in the middle of the western heat and the neon lights *cue the Elvis songs and the feather hats.* Vegas baby! Hopped on a plane at BNA, (yes, I’m singing Miley Cyrus in my head as I’m typing) and, four hours later, my family and I are on the famous strip. Over the last four days, we have done every touristy thing imaginable, which I LOVE. We’ve seen the Hoover Dam and all of its glory. We’ve watched the dancing lights at the Bellagio. I became an official Avengers Agent at the Avengers Station (which I highly recommend if you or anyone you know love’s the avengers–SUPER family friendly). We even ziplined over the Old Vegas strip, which was by far one of THE coolest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. But in the middle of all the touristy things, Ally and I had to have our movie fix, so we found ourselves a movie theater (a little sketchy one I might add) and found what any Disney lover stuck in Sin City would watch, Finding Dory.

If you haven’t seen Finding Dory yet, one: WHY NOT?! WE’VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THE SEQUEL! two: it’s seriously one of the cutest things you’ll watch all summer. The short in the beginning is enough to put you in your feelings before you even get a chance to see baby Dory who I’m pretty sure is the most adorable thing to come out of Pixar since…like ever. Seeing it in Vegas was the second time I saw it, because you know I was an opening day viewer, lets be honest, so seeing it in a place that’s not home was kinda weird because that’s what the movie is kinda all about, finding your home. Finding where you came from or where you belong. BTW I’m going to talk a little bit about the movie. Not anything huge but if you haven’t seen it yet and you want no information about the movie whatsoever then stop reading because I would hate to upset you but I did warn you so anything you read after this point is your choice 🙂 

Dory has short-term memory loss. So it’s hard for her to remember things. Throughout the movie, she has flashbacks of her old family of where she came from. The whole movie is her trying to find that place, but it’s hard because it’s been so long, and she’s traveled so far. She meets people along the way that she used to know that are determined to get her back to where she belongs. I was sitting there in the theater looking too deep into Disney movies like I always do and I kinda saw myself in Dory. I tend to forget where I came from. I tend to forget whose I am, and I’m left wandering trying to find something, anything, that will bring me a sense of belonging or purpose, normally, things that won’t cut it. There was a part in the movie where seashells were laid out for Dory to help her find her way back. They said, “If you ever get lost, just follow the shells.” And I absolutely loved that not just because of my love for seashells, but, because that’s what Jesus does, isn’t it? He puts people in our lives to point us back to Him. He puts situations in our lives that lead us back to Him. Jesus puts out those seashells for us to find our way back. There’s something thats so freeing about that, that someone loves us so much to wait their patiently for us to remember where we belong.
Vegas 2016


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