Four Things Your Struggling Photographer Friend Wants You To Know

We love you. We love getting to capture the moments in your life. There are just a couple things that those of us living life through a lens would like for you to know.

1) Just because we love our cameras, doesn’t mean every time we hang out we are your personal paparazzi.

We love doing random photoshoots. We love letting you get all dolled up when we are feeling artistic and being our focus. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to leave our batteries on the charger for a night at the movies or going to get ice cream without trying to juggle our spoon in one hand and cameras in the other. Ask us to hang out because you want to hang out with us. Not because of you need a new cute instagram pic

which leads me to my next point….

2) Recognize us when you post our work

ESPECIALLY if they did it for free. Some of us might not say anything because you’re one of our best friends, but when taking pictures is what we want to do for a living, we kinda feel gypped when you post that cute pic we took of you with your coffee and your not-so-candid smile, with just a cute quote that is completely irrelevant. You are our portfolio. You are advertising. So hit us up with the photo-creds. Let us know you are proud of us by putting our name on our work.

3) Understand that this is what we want to do for a living

There’s a lot that goes into this. And it differs for everyone. There’s equipment. There’s schooling. There’s models. Then there’s the cost of living on top of all that. This dream, this passion, it costs a a lot (even when we don’t tell you about it). So sometimes it’s nice when the favor gets returned, in any form (aka you know ya girl would be good with some waffle fries and a sweet tea). This is the one thing in my life that I couldn’t imagine not having. Capturing moments and freezing time. Being able to help others showcase their passions, their loves, their lives, that’s one of the best things in my life. I am positive their our others out there who feel the exact same way.

4) Offer to snap a couple pics

Just because we are the ones on the other side of the lens most of the time, doesn’t mean we don’t like those basic posed candid shots. So please grab that camera and snap a few of us because a lot of us have fixed lenses that aren’t ideal for selfies.

Just know that will always be there to capture the most important moment’s and those memories that will last a lifetime. Our cameras are a very important part of our lives and who we are. It’s nice to know when people not only understand that but support than. However, it’s nice to know that people see that, even though its a lot of who we are, it’s not all that we are.


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