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“Even miracles take a little time” -Fairy Godmother

Growing up, just like most kids, I was obsessed with Disney. It was my way of getting out of my reality and entering a world of princesses, pirates, and adventure way more exciting than my reality. And I guess over time, I never really grew out of that. To this day any time a new Disney movie comes out I’m there at the early release and probably go will go see it multiple times. So of course Disney world is my place. From 3 years old to 20, every time I go it’s more magical than the last. So as an almost college student with no clue of what I want to do with my life, it’s no surprise that I want to run away to Disney world. But how do you tell your parents that you’re just gonna go to Disney…with no plan other than to be in Disney seems legit

LUCKILY there were others like me out there, so imagine my surprise at 18 years old who was less than satisfied with my choices of colleges when I discovered none other than…

The Disney College Program

I think one day I was annoyed with the thought of college and literally googled ‘Disney College’ and I found the exact thing I knew I was meant to do. From that moment on, I tried to figure out every thing there was to know about the college program. I read pages and pages of blogs and watched hours worth of youtube videos and vlogs. I knew practically every thing about it down to the housing complex address and which one was closest to the Chick-Fil-A hey thats very important btw. I told myself that I wanted to get one year of college under my belt before I applied because little ms dcp-know-it-all thought she had it in the bag. When I got the email that applications for the season I wanted to apply for (Fall of 2016) dropped, I sorta panicked. I literally went home, sent my application in, and within the first 20 minutes I got the status update every College Programer dreads: Submission. Even after my extensive amount of research I didn’t even know what that meant at first. Basically a submission status is like them saying “hey your applications didn’t have enough of the key things we are looking for so we aren’t going to send you along in the application process…right now…we might…but it’s probably a no. So I waited anxiously waited 4 1/2 months for them to even consider my application and ultimately I got a ‘no longer in consideration’ (NLIC) status and that was the end of my Fall 2016 application season. I pouted and shed a tear or two because I didn’t get my way. Although, I made many friends through the DCP facebook pages (which deserves its own post…trust me), all in all, my first attempt was a bust.

BUT along came application season for Spring 2017, which brought me hope. New season. New opportunity. I revised my application with the help of my new friends who were more experienced and some who had even done the program before. So when the applications dropped, I felt more than ready. Then I got the email I had been waiting for. I was asked to take a Web Based interview (a series of questions to answer so Disney can tell if you are a good fit based on how you answer simple questions.) I was over joyed! I hadn’t gotten this far before with the college program *disclaimer: I applied for another position with Disney in between seasons as an act of ‘fine I’ll get to Disney my own way’ and actually failed the Web Based interview.* So, many of my new Disney friends wanted to make sure that I didn’t mess up again so they “helped me” a lot shoutout to Cortney, Jon and Taylor. And so I passed and was able to schedule my first ever phone interview and along with that came a lot more research. I looked up very blog that had any tips for the phone interview, I watched about 40 different interview vlogs on youtube, I found DCP Phone Interview study guides on the Facebook pages. I felt like I was set. The morning of my interview, I made my bed, had all of my stuff laid out on my bed in an organized fashion, had my ears on and my Disney playlist on. I was ready.


After my phone interview, I felt relieved! I thought it went so well and apparently so did my mother who was sitting right outside my door listening to my whole interview. I was so prepared to get my ‘Congrats’ email within the next couple weeks. But weeks turned into months and ultimately I ended up right back where I started. NLIC. And my reaction was the same. I pouted and shed a couple tears. I just didn’t understand what I could have done wrong and why they didn’t want me I know I sound like a total girl but this was my dream.

At this point I was so burnt out. But I wasn’t ready to give up. I told myself I would try one more time and if I didn’t get in I would find a new dream. Fall 2017 application season came and I had been preparing. I updated my application AGAIN. I researched key words that Disney might be looking for and made sure I wasn’t too picky on my role preferences. On faith and a prayer I sent in my last Disney College Program application….and got hit with that submission status. I was 100% defeated. Knowing what I knew from my last submission status. It was over. I needed to move on, so that’s what I did. I found another job somewhere far away that was equally as exciting and I content with my next phase of life read about it here if ya wanna. I honestly believe that’s what the Lord needed from me. He needed me to be okay if I didn’t get what I wanted. The day after I accepted the new job I got an email from Disney asking me to schedule a phone interview fitting right. I took it as a sign and scheduled the phone interview. I don’t remember much about the interview other than feeling like it went horrible which my mother disagreed bc she was sitting outside my door…again. But it was over and done with. I laid it all on the table. I worked it out with my other job to where if I got accepted I would cut my season to leave in August. And then I just had to wait…and wait…and wait some more. The process felt too familiar to give me comfort. I had 3+ friends already get their acceptances and I had already accepted my inevitable fate with the deadline date fast approaching. But then it happened. The email I had been waiting 3 years for. Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in the Disney College Program. And that whole day was a blur of happy tears and congratulations. My dreams were finally coming true.

For the Fall of 2017 (September-January) I will be working in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I was ‘cast’ for an Attractions role I’ll update with more specifics (park, ride, etc) as they come alongside. 

If you get one thing out of this, it’s this: Never EVER give up on something that you want with everything in you. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. Always keep pushing and fighting.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney


Keep up with my DCP adventure here and on instagram; @thehumblehotmess or find and click the little insta camera either to your right or down below.

See ya real soon


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