Escape to the Cape

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There’s a time for everything.

It’s amazing the amount of things that could happen, good and bad, in 4 months. And it’s even more amazing to see where those things could lead you.

This time, it lead me north…18 hours north.

The beginning of 2017 was eventful…but only because I truly saw how bored I was. I was craving something, anything. I realized that I desperately needed new. New scenery, new people, just new. So that lead me on a job search. I didn’t want permanent, I just needed to get away for a hot minute, so I started looking for seasonal jobs. I found a website that was a mega-hub for just that. You could literally pick a state and it would show you what seasonal jobs were available, if they had employee housing which was important to me bc  ya girls not ready to sign a lease just yet and all this cool and exciting stuff.

I. Was. Hooked.

I probably applied for 10 jobs within the first week of finding the website hmm never knew I would want to work in Montana but HEY might be fun. Coincidentally, one of my friends had found the same website and applied for a job and heard back really quickly about scheduling a Skype interview and told me I should look into applying. Y’all this place was so cute! It was in a little seafood restaurant in a town called Wellfleet which is located in none other than, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I was hooked not a pun I promise from the get-go.

Within a week of applying, I landed an interview and a job offer. And before I knew it, me and Casey were preparing for our first big adventure. So here’s where you’ll be able to see updates from one of the most beautiful places up north so I’ve heard. Expect pictures no duh, restaurant reviews, and many funny stories including new friends, new places, and new hotmess adventures.

Stay Humble my lovlies

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