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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

I’ve learned that when it comes to exploring, the best thing to do is not think about what others are thinking of you. I’ve have a curious heart by nature and I’ve come to realize that if I try to suppress that, I’m just going to make myself stir crazy if I stay in the same place with the same scenery for too long. So I explore. Sometimes its 20 minutes away in Nashville and sometimes its 2 and a half hours away in Chattanooga and anywhere and everywhere in between. It all depends on how adventurous my heart (and a lot of the times my gas tank) is feeling. Getting to see places that the Lord created or places that the Lord let other people create just breathes life into my soul. New places, and surroundings, and people just scream new opportunity to learn things you didn’t know before about so many things like life, and love, and coffee. So if these pieces do nothing but inspire you to go out and check out what’s beyond the four walls of your normal, then I feel like I’m using my passion for the right reasons.

With that being said, Get Curious! Go out. Take a drive without knowing where you are heading. Find a town that have what I call ‘hole in the wall treasures,’ you know the places owned by locals, grown by locals, and forged by locals. Take a whole car of people. Or just take yourself. Learn about yourself while learning and seeing what other places have to offer. Walk in places you’ve never been (with discretion of course: please don’t walk into a dark alley somewhere…unless you are going to back alley diner in Nashville then by all means walk that alley with sass). Even though its hard to see sometimes, the world has so much good in it, so much cool and awesome in it. So go out there find the awesome and be the awesome because if I haven’t mentioned it yet…you’re pretty darn awesome.

These are some of the places I’ve gotten the wonderful opportunity to explore and some of the people I’ve gotten to explore them with.


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