Meet My People

Ladies and gentlemen, without further a due, I would now like you to meet *drumroll for dramatic affect* my people! These are the people I laugh and fight with more than anyone on the face of the planet. They are by far my favorite people.

Jennifer Aldridge

Also known by some as Mama Aldridge, Jwow, and, by me, Mommy

3 words to describe her: Patient (except in terms of gifts), brave, mini-donuts (and yes a hyphenated word counts as one word)

She’s the source of my love for t-shirts and random dance parties in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure her blood stream is mostly diet coke at this point. If you ever meet her, you will be treated like she saw you last week. I don’t think she’s ever met a stranger. She’s a beast at wheel of fortune (like y’all its insane). She is always supportive in what ever idea or plan I have for the next ten minutes and she’ll be supportive of the one I have after that too. When she knows I’m feeling sad or down, she’ll always let me come lay my head in her lap. She’ll also do what she calls stair hugs, which is where she gets up on the steps to hug you (that way it makes her feel taller). It’s those little things that make up my favorite part about her. And she’s a saint because she’s put up with my (lack of) organizational methods and my tendency to put off doing laundry till I’m down to the socks with the holes in them for the last 19 years. She’s the type of person you want to grow up to be like.


Also known by some as Nally…mostly by me though

3 words to describe her: Favorite Shotgun Rider

If you ever wonder what the polar opposite version of me, you literally have to look no further. She fills in for all the places I lack and vice versa. She tells me when I need to climb down off of the imaginary cloud nine I created and I tell her to smile that way people don’t think she’s plotting against them. She’s never hesitant to tell you what you need to hear, even when you really don’t want to hear it. She can make me laugh like no one else on the planet. And the girl loves mexican food more than anyone I know. Chick can CHOW DOWN. I’ve been wondering why the organizational/motivation-for-studying/effortless-good-hair gene skipped me for years now. She’ll always be my wing woman at family get togethers that sits in the corner and silently plots on how to avoid talking to the relatives about non-existant boyfriends and plans for the future. There’s no one I would rather blare “Defying Gravity” with at the top of our lungs and proceeding to laugh our butts off/cough hysterically because we pretty much destroy our vocal chords every time.


Also known by some as Dizzle

3 words to describe him: Goofy, computers, loyal

If you ever want to know why I love Disney and super heroes the way I do, he’s the reason. He knows karate and I’m pretty sure use’s the excuse of “hey I need to practice this move before my next belt test” to beat me up with minimal confrontation from mom. He reminds me about a lot of things. When it’s my week to do the dishes *eye twitch* even when that the last thing I want to do. When it’s time to get my oil changed, which normally I do about 2,000 miles after I was supposed to. And he always seems to know how to fix anything that has a computer or that connects to the internet. He’s shown me how a man supposed to love his wife and his daughters.

Photo Nov 24, 2 11 35 PM

Sara Beth

Also known by some as SB

3 words to describe her: Loud, sports, the baby

Sara is one of the goofiest people you will ever meet. She is always laughing except when she’s being sassy. Sara is so go with the flow. She always wants to make people feel loved. And the girl is a killer athlete. She is definitely the one dad waited for sports wise. I’m pretty sure she is playing three sports right now and she just broke her wrist. Girl won’t stop for nothing (total southern grammar that might make some you cringe…sorry bout that…not really)