Nashville Natives Turn Tourist

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Me and the youngest child decided to take a spur of the moment trip down 65 to one of my favorite places on earth…Nashville (also known as NashVegas or Smashville…go preds.)

We start off the day like any to teenage girls would…with food of course at the my personal favorite burger joint in the city, The Pharmacy.

If you like knowing where your food came from then this place is golden. The pharmacy uses 100% Tennessee-raised beef for their legendary burgers, every wurst made has been personally grinded, stuffed, and smoked by their kitchen, their condiments are hand crafted their rather than ordered, they have a wide variety of unique beer and 100% pure cane sugar in their sodas. oh and did I mention their sodas are to die for! With the house favorites being flavors like, Creamsicle: a mixture of orange soda, cream, and vanilla syrup, Rickey: a mixture of maraschino –honestly have no idea what this is– & lemon syrups, phosphated soda, Strawberry Ginger: a mixture of strawberry & ginger syrups, phosphated soda, Egg Cream Soda: a mixture of chocolate syrup, whole milk, soda. The Pharmacy Cream Soda:  a mixture of vanilla & lemon syrups, cream, phosphated soda. Flavors like these are sure to make your taste buds ‘pop.’ I hate myself

The burger choices are a little off the wall and original…but what else would you expect from a hipster burger joint. From a regular cheese burger, to a chili burger, to a burger with an egg on it, all the way to burgers that have guacamole, yogurt raita, or even a burger made out of fish. A side from burgers The Pharmacy is known for their house made wurstchen, any way you can think of a bratwurst, they got it.

My order of choice was the cheese burger, which included 3 type of cheese, tomatoes, and to die for garlic aioli, with a side of tater tots and another side of the garlic aioli sauce because y’all its seriously so good with them tots

If you’re ever ‘sick’ of the fast food burgers, head on over to The Pharmacy, and I promise they’ll give you a remedy of their own creation. okay that one was better than the ‘pop’ one, honestly kinda proud.

After our bellies were full and our hunger was medicated, we decided to head downtown to see how lively broadway was on a sunny Sunday afternoon. While walking down broadway we decided to stop in for a sweet treat at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Then decided to stop by one of Nashville’s treasures, The Tin Roof. If you are ever looking for a cool joint with good food and live music, the Tin Roof is exactly that. Our next little pit stop was in American Apparel where I saw, first hand, how much more fashionable my baby sister is.

After Broadway, we decided to go even more hipster as we made our way to The Gulch, Nashville’s higher end. We found ourselves in a Nashville original called Two Old Hippies. This store integrates modern, yet retro fashion styles with the heart of music. While looking for a cute outfit to wear to your next concert or girls night out, you might also hear a live set. Two Old Hippies have live music 5 nights a week on our stage (but what would you expect from Music City USA), featuring a Hammond B3 Organ, Roland keyboard, Ludwig drum set, and our own Bedell, Breedlove and Weber instruments. They also have a place called “The Vault” which houses a premium selection of guitars and provides sanctuary for those that wish to play in a quiet space. With walls lined with rock n roll memorabilia, all available for purchase I might add, this place is sure to be a hit on your next trip downtown. And since Sara looked so cute we had to throw in some modeling poses somewhere in there. Especially with the iconic “What Lifts You” mural.


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